Important Moving Tips:

•  Arrange Parking.

•  Book an Elevator.

•  Moving special Items?

•  Item must be disassembled?

•  Book the move, and storage space now.

Handy Packing Tips

•  Remove items from drawers and filing cabinets.

•  Place your heaviest items into smaller boxes.

•  Remove lamp shades and bulbs, and pack separately.

•  Use proper tape. Tape box bottoms (and tops). Don't overpack boxes.

•  Pack expensive garments and mattresses appropriately.

•  Protect mirrors, picture frames, and glass items.

•  Want to save money? Move the small items yourself.

•  Move the precious items yourself.

•  Box everything possible, and minimize boxes with open tops.

•  Tape together remaining loose items into manageable bundles.